The artists of wood

The artists of wood

Wood artists

In Rosà, the ancient craft of woodworking is practiced with mastery and professionality by craftsmen Raffaele, Roberto and Bruno, who make art out of their profession. The workshop has been active for over thirty years, just as our craftsmen tell us:

We have always had a fascination with wood, ever since we were teenagers, and now thirty years have passed.

We are supported by a team of prepared coworkers, realizing intern furniture in close contact with architects and designers, personally following every step of a project, from design to production.

We opened our activity driven by the desire of know, feel and experiment with materials. It was in 2014 when we set foot in the world of materials and combining artisan’s work with the artistic activity of creating unique decorations, using new techniques to work materials like steel, brass or marble.

Today we like to walk the line between what it means to be an artisan and what to be an artist. We enjoy combining new and old working techniques to create furniture, items and ideas for intern design.

Our workshop is a place where ideas take shape, a place where we sometimes create items that have a use, sometimes pictures or images that have no function, if not the presumption of conveying fellengs.