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Eban creations

EBAN products are born from RBR Ebanisteria, a workshop of craftsmen capable of working not only wood, brought to its fullest expression, but other materials as well, such as metal.


The new furnishing concept that combines techniques of the past with the use of new materials is to “combine the softness ad warmth of wood with the elegance of metal".

"Every day I get to observe an object, of any shape and material, and amazed I discover the skillful hand of the man that is concealed inside. This philosophy has given me understanding of the soul that lies in every piece, the one I try to convey in the items I make” (Raffaele Bernardi)


The brass/aluminum/iron/copper plates are subjected to different stabilizing treatments, completely hand made to create a carved effect that makes each creation unique.


We started using wooden boards acquired from old attics of sixteenth century venetian villas and by dividing and resining them created new oak boards of unique effect. Particularly, irregular pleating and cracks which formed over time can be admired united to a more contemporary note provided by the addition of new wood parts obtained through of the “thermally scorched” finish of the perimetral strips.

Our values are: transparency and honesty, customer orientation, quality and passion, respect for the environment