ARTICLE 1 – The ebancreations.com portal

Products purchased on ebancreations.com are sold directly by RBR di Bernardi snc, duly registered on the business register of Vicenza with VAT registration number 02134570247. The operational offices of RBR Bernardi snc is in Via Sacro Cuore n.1137, 36027 Rosà (VI) – Italy. The prices indicated on the portal are in Euros and are normally inclusive of VAT; the same total amount shown in the shopping cart is summarized in the order form that the Customer must confirm for the contract to be finalized. It is not the purpose of this page to represent all of the business procedures for customer service, as other pages will be especially dedicated.


ARTICLE 2 – Purchase procedure

The Customer may only purchase products shown on the online catalog at the time of the order and accessible online at ebancreations.com as described in the relative information sheets.

The order will be effectively processed at the moment the email account provided by the Customer receives confirmation of cleared authorization for the charging relative to the order and transportation expenses.

The image that accompanies the informative sheet of the product cannot be fully representative of its features and may differ in color, dimensions, and accessory products in the picture. All the purchase supporting information (Glossary, Purchase guide, etc.) is to be intended as mere material for general information and non-referable to the actual characteristics of the single piece.

Correct order reception is confirmed by RBR di Bernardi snc via email sent to the email account provided by the Customer. The confirmation message will contain date and time of reception of the order and a Customer order number to be used for all further communications. The message will include all the data filled in by the Customer, every information relative to the essential characteristics of the piece, indication of price, payment method, terms and delivery costs and applicable taxes. The Customer must check the information and promptly notify any correction to be made. Cases of non-acceptance will be notified to the Customer.

Any changes to placed orders are guaranteed until the beginning of production of the merchandise; the production takes place immediately after payment. The billing information entered in the order may be only changed until issuance of invoice.


ARTICLE 3 – Shipping

Delivery will be by courier designated by RBR di Bernardi snc and will be made within 30 working days from the date of order.

Shipping costs are added to the total cost of the order, unless differently stated and agreed upon. Shipping costs are also specified during checkout, before the buying process is completed.

Costs are automatically calculated depending on weight, volume of units and geographical area of reference. RBR di Bernardi snc carries out a shipping address control and notifies the Customer about any additional costs for Special Locations, in which case the Customer has the right not to confirm the order.

The delivery deadline communicated by the company is to be considered approximate, no compensation is due for any delays during the execution of the order.


ARTICOLO 4 – Unavailability

RBR di Bernardi snc works daily to keep its online catalogue up to date. However, it may rarely occur that a certain option is no longer available. In such cases the Customer will be promptly notified. He or she may then decide to make a change to the order or request a refund of the paid amount. In case of multiple product shipment, the possible unavailability of a single piece will be met with a refund for the portion of the total cost relative to the unavailable article; we obviously consider possible complementarities between individual items case by case (matching chairs and tables, matching night stands and beds, etc.).


ARTICLE 5 – Usage Limits

RBR di Bernardi snc constantly works to update displayed information. However, the developed amount of content makes the existence of any inaccuracies a possibility. It is our daily responsibility to work for an ever greater precision and depth, but it is also the Customer’s responsibility to ensure the veracity of the details that are to be considered essential for their satisfaction and necessary to proceed with the purchase. We remind you that color and texture of natural materials (wood, leather, stone, etc.) depend on the natural variability of processes and factors that lead to the formation of the material itself.

In the days that follow the forwarding of the order made on the online portal, during the checking process for the production order confirmations, RBR di Bernardi snc examines the correctness of product prices. If, in the case of rare inconveniences, the price should be lower than the correct selling price, RBR di Bernardi snc reserves to cover the difference in cost or contact the customer to check whether they still want to buy the product at the correct price (should this is not be the case the order will not be accepted and any amounts paid will be refunded). If the price is higher than the correct one RBR di Bernardi snc will notify the Customer and credit back any amount already paid.

All producers who are suppliers of RBR di Bernardi snc are always working to improve our products, thus reserving the right to make technical and dimensional changes without prior notification in the event that these changes do not significantly alter the aesthetic content of products and their use.


ARTICLE 6 – Right of withdrawal

The Customer is entitled to withdraw from any distance contract without penalty and without giving a reason within 14 days from the delivery at the address specified in the order.

The Customer may not exercise the right of withdrawal “for prefabricated goods made on the basis of a Customer’s individual choice or decision” (Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament) and for “goods made to measure or clearly personalized” (Article 59 Legislative Decree 21/2014): due to the high customization that characterizes our collections and to the production process which is mainly on commission of our suppliers, we invite you to contact Customer Service before proceeding with a purchase or before the beginning of production.

For greater detail visit the specific page on Right of withdrawal.


ARTICLE 7 – Warranty

The products are accompanied by regular invoice which is valid for the 24 month warranty on defects, made by RBR Bernardi snc under the Consumer Code; in case of purchases made by VAT owners or companies the warranty is valid for 12 months.

Products are to be used properly and in accordance with their intended use and maintenance: packages must always contain the relative product sheet with indication in this regard, but in the absence of such a sheet it is the Customer’s responsibility to contact Customer Service. In cases of product restoration or substitution, it is the Customer’s responsibility to properly pack the parts to be returned in order to prevent damage and sustain the shipping costs for the return of the product. Reparation costs and following reshipping to the Customer are charged to RBR di Bernardi snc.


ARTICLE 8 – Privacy

Disclosure for personal data treatment provided by users of our website pursuant to Article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/03 (Privacy). Holder of personal data treatment, with respect to identified or identifiable people processed following consultation of our online portal, is RBR di Bernardi snc in Via Sacro Cuore n.137, 36027 Rosà (VI). Treatment related to services tied to this website take place at RBR di Bernardi snc and its contents are handled by RBR di Bernardi snc. No data from the web portal is disclosed to third parties. Personal information provided by users who forward requests for services are used to the only purpose of carrying out the service and request and are not disclosed to third parties unless such disclosure is mandated by law o is strictly necessary for the compliance of the Customer’s request.

For greater detail visit the specific page on Privacy.